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Laser FAQ's

Santee, CA Laser Dentistry - Albert Klitzke, DDS - Dental Laser

What are the advantages of the dental laser over the dental drill?

The dental drill must touch, drill into and vibrate the tooth to remove decay and prepare the tooth for a filling.   The dental laser does not touch the tooth but is held slightly out of contact with tooth so there is less trauma to the tooth.  Therefore, patients experience less sensitivity after laser fillings.  Less tooth structure is removed with the laser because of its precision.  You will not  hear the piercing sound of a drill but rather a  sound like popcorn popping with the laser.

How does the laser work?

The laser light excites and energizes the water coming out of the handpiece in a process called hydrophotonics.  This energy will remove decay and will create a smaller conservative preparation keeping the tooth stronger.

Why doesn't every dentist use a laser?

Dr. Klitzke made a considerable investment in purchasing the Waterlase laser and in training to provide his patients with cutting edge technolgy and comfort.  He was the first dentist to offer laser dentistry in Santee, CA.  In 2008, only 5% of the dentists world wide use a dental laser.  Even fewer have acheived the Laser Fellowship Certification that Dr. Albert Klitzke has.

Is the laser safe?

The laser is very safe when used by a trained dentist.  It and can be used on adults and children.   The energy generated by this laser is very  precise, focused and travels a very short distance.  The laser needs to be within a couple milimeters of the tooth to have any effect.    You should not however look at the laser light.


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