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FAST braces is modern way to straighten teeth today.  It is being used at Harvard university to replace older method of moving teeth. FAST braces uses a patented new triangular orthodontic bracket to upright teeth first before they are moved. FAST braces uses rectangular shaped wires that spreads the force over the entire tooth and not just one part with the old round wires.  There is less pressure on the periodontal ligament that surrounds the roots of teeth, so there is less pain when the teeth are moved with FAST braces. This new technology allows Dr. Klitzke  to move teeth safely and quickly into a better position.  With faster treatment times and a smaller brackets, patients have less gum disease and decay after treatment.  Treatment times are normally less than one year compared to the typical 2 to 3 year times in the orthodontic office.

 The FAST Braces technology is patented and can only be used by certified experienced FAST braces dentists like Dr. Klitzke.   Clear brackets are available for upper teeth for cosmetically conscious adults  for an additional cost, but are more uncomfortable, can fall off  and extend the treatment times.  When they do stay on they are more difficult to remove at the end of treatment.    My patients tell me find that with the shorter treatment times and more comfortable  silver braces, the clear brackets are not worth the extra cost, extra visits  and irritated gums and lips.  I have had braces on two different times in my life and once with sliver braces and once with the clear ones.

This system to move teeth does not involve extractions of teeth before starting the orthodontics.   Studies are showing that expanding the dental arch of patients is better for most patients because it opens their airways and we are seeing less sleep apnea in children and adults compared the extraction of four bicuspid teeth and then closing those spaces.   Although not everyone is a FAST braces candidate, FAST braces is a quicker and faster alternative to getting straight teeth compared to the older methods of moving teeth.

If you  are  interested in FAST braces call our office for a free consult to see if FAST Braces are for you or your child give Dr. Albert Klitzke a call at (619) 596-0144 or go to his website at


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