How can I safely bleach my teeth?

Jun 4 • 1 minute read

Before deciding on bleaching your teeth you should ask you dentist advice.     I perform a simple air test on a person teeth before I make a recommendation.   By using my air syringe I blow air on the persons teeth to see if there is a response or not.  If the air test causes pain  then this needs to be addressed before undergoing any bleaching. I also look to see if dental restoration are present on the front teeth and how mush root is showing above the gum line.

 The best ways to keep you teeth healthy and white naturally  are the following:

1. Avoid foods that stain your teeth like blue berries , coffee, tea, dark sodas, dark beverages including red wine

2. Brush your teeth at least two times a day and floss daily.

3. See you dentist at least every 6 month for a check up and cleaning of you teeth.

4. Do not smoke or use tobacco.

If you teeth are not sensitive to blowing air on them with my air syringe then we have several options.

1. Using a whitening toothpaste with the ADA Seal of acceptance.

2. Take bleaching that can bleach your teeth during the day or at night.

3. In office bleaching combined with take home bleaching trays.

4. Restoring the teeth by covering them with porcelain laminates or crowns.

If someone need to have their front teeth restored with fillings or crowns ,  it is usually better to bleach the teeth first and then do the filings or crowns.  There are  always exceptions if we have significant decay or missing tooth structure.   I will cover what causes teeth to stain in my blog article   " What causes my teeth to change color?"

Albert Klitzke DDS 

DR. Klitzke owns a family and cosmetic dental practice in Santee, CA.   He can be reached at 619 596-0144.

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