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Santee Laser Dentist - Dr. Albert Klitzke - Waterlase MD

The Waterlase MD™ is a revolutionary dental device that uses a combination of laser energy and water, a process called HydroPhotonics™, to perform many traditional dental procedures using "energized water" with less  anesthesia  or  none  at  all.

Laser dentistry is  a less invasive, more precise form of treatment that conserves healthy tooth structure, the Waterlase MD™ transforms your dental experience.  It reduces patient anxiety, minimizes pain and trauma, and creates a more comfortable experience for patients.

Laser Vs. Drill:

A laser  kills germs that cause gum disease.   Laser dentistry is done with less anesthetic and sometimes no shots. Gum treatments with the laser have faster healing times and are less painful than with a scalpel.    Multiple areas of the mouth can be worked on in one appointment.  Oral surgery and gum surgery have minimal swelling, bleeding, pain, and virtually no infection. 

It is almost impossible to injure the tongue, gums, and lips or cheeks with the laser which is not the case with the drill.

With the laser, one hears a series of 'pops' or 'clicks', but no high pitched whine and no vibration as with the drill.  Since it uses cool water and creates no heat, it leaves teeth less sensitive after a procedure.  The drill vibrates and causes friction and heat causing more sensitivity after procedures.

Benefits of the Waterlase Laser:

  • No shots for most very small cavities 
  • No drill - no whine and vibration  
  • Minor surgery with no shots and no stitches
  • Gum disease eliminated in fewer sessions with less pain
  • Shorter chairtime in most instances
  • Children, phobic patients and most anyone can benefit
  • Laser detection of cavities before they get large (Diagnodent laser)
  •  Minimally invasive procedures done in office-fewer trips to specialists' offices
  • "Laser bandaid" will heal cuts  and sores in the mouth
  • Faster healing of aphthous ulcers

Laser Treatments offered by Dr. Klitzke's office:

  • Preventative microdentistry ( removal of very small cavities with the laser)
  • Gum Treatments can be done with out shots
  • Treatment of Cold Sores resulting in  fast healing
  • Removal of Fibromas and Facial Moles
  • Frenectomies
  • Gingivectomies
  • Crown Lengthening   (saving teeth broken off close to the gum line)

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