Teeth whitening

   Do you want to whiten you teeth?   Do you have a class reunion or are you getting married?  Whitening your teeth can improve your self esteem and confidence in the work place.  The Pola Bleaching in office system works quickly and patients will experience less sensitivity than other systems like ZOOM.   One reason patients have less sensitive teeth after the Pola bleaching procedure is that a bleach light is not used.  Research has shown that teeth can be bleached with out shining a powerful light on your teeth.  The Light that other systems use can dry out your lips, face and teeth causing unnecessary discomfort.

Does bleaching teeth work for everybody?

   Your dentist needs to determine if you are a candidate for bleaching, not all people are.   People with gum recession where their teeth are significantly longer than they used to be might not be good candidates, especially if they have sensitive teeth to hot or cold.     Sometimes I prescribe a concentrated fluoride tooth paste for a couple oaf weeks before the bleaching procedure.   Occasionally this is needed after.   Periomed is a product that not only can relieve sensitivity it also strengthens your teeth against decay and helps fight gum disease.

  Some people have very dark teeth due to tetracyline staining, long term smoking, or certain foods that they have eaten for a long time.   In these types of cases covering the teeth with porcelain veneers or crowns is a better long term option for whiter teeth.  Ask your dentist about your teeth.

The Pola Bleaching proceedure.

   Our in office procedure will take one hour and the price includes a take home system so that you can continue to bleach your teeth at home.   The bleaching system will open the microtubules to your teeth to allow the bleaching agent in.   While you are bleaching is important to avoid and liquids and foods that would  stain a white T-shirt.  This would include : dark sodas like Pepsi, red wine, grape juice, blueberries,  coffee, tea and others.    You should wear  the bleachings trays only the length of time prescrtibed by your dentist.   Bleaching systems will vary so ask questions.  Bleaching systems time in the mouth varies  from 3 minutes to over night depending on the bleaching formula.   Call our office to see how  we can whiten your teeth at 619 596-0144 or email us at dentist@santeefamilydentist.com

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